Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wind, Snow, and Hot Chocolate

There is nothing like a blizzard to make you want to stay inside with a cuddly kitty and a hot drink!

Here is the latest modification to my hair...

Things I learned from this hair adventure:

1. my hair now requires 3 boxes of hair dye
(hair thickness + current length = big job!)
2. with what I spent to do my hair at home I could have paid a professional to do it
3. there is no way to know what your hair will look like, no matter what it says on the box, when you are already purple :P

So this colour will stick around until. spring/summer
My hair could use the break, and so can my wallet.
I'm thinking summer might call for my natural light/medium ash brown again...we'll see.

GREAT movie!
("he's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!")

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