Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eyes Turned Skyward

Here are some pictures from today...

Giving the kitty (Max) some love before I head out to class...

Some up-cycled "seats" at the recreation center decorated by children...

And some bare trees set against the overcast sky. There is just something I like about the outstretched branches of the trees...when you look up all you can see are the tips reaching up, up, up...

Out to my hooping class again today!
I'm really falling in love with hooping - it is a fantastic workout that is fun and looks really freaking awesome! :P haha

I think I might have to find the money to get my own hoop so that I can do some hooping in between classes. There has got to be a little space in our apartment for me to hoop ;)

I have TONS of wonderful site links I discovered this weekend, and I'll see what I can do about getting those up tomorrow :)

G'Night world.


  1. Hula Hooping fitness class. If you look up "hooping" on youtube you can find all kinds of amazing videos :D