Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Melting Snow

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."
A.A.Milne, English Author (1882-1956)

Sleepy Kitty

In an effort to put my internal clock back on schedule before work on Monday I'm up bright and early with the birds... easy task when my beauty sleep was disrupted by rowdy boys at 3am,
and by boys I mean full grown men fresh in from the pub playing video games.
At least it's the holidays.
Something tells me I will be needing a nap before any New Years festivities tonight!

**warning: the following pictures are pre-makeup & mid decaf instant coffee**
(what was I thinking?!) 

oh! Sun sun glorious SUN!
All is not lost!
Perhaps on my adventure to the bank today I'll make an effort to take some new pictures to post :P

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Holiday Thing

 Lots and lots and lots of driving!

Now time to sit back and relax.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Last night I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra live and it was AMAZING!
The lights, the music, snow, fire, WOW!

Here is one of the videos I took:

...some of my photos ...

Here is a video from their website...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's my birthday!!! :D

I could not resist sharing this birthday song...

Last night seemed like a good time to dye my hair.
So 3 bottle of bleach, 2 bottles of dye and 5 hours later (oh gawd) I have new hair.
Thankfully it turned out fairly well and I like it :P

Some things that happened on December 18th...

1865 - Slavery was abolished in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution being ratified.

1892 - Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite" publicly premiered in St. Petersburg, Russia.
1943 -  musician Keith Richards was born

1969 - Britain's Parliament abolished the death penalty for murder. 

1979 - The sound barrier was broken on land for the first time by Stanley Barrett when he drove at 739.6 mph.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

Birthday Countdown: 1 more day!

Productive day so far. No work. Music loud. Dancing. Cleaning. Laundry. Flipping through some magazines. And quality time with the kitty :)


Benny Goodman swing!

Max doing what he does best.

Fantastic vintage shop find!

Snow! Finally we have some snow worth taking note of :)

Latest thrift store find: Forever21 kitty shirt.

"Yarn Snowballs"
click on the image for the How-To at Cut Out + Keep