Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transplanting a Plant Clipping (How-To)

Gather supplies:
- potting soil
- jar/can/pot
- plant clipping
- small stones *optional*

*if your container has a small hole in the bottom of it you can skip the stones*

Fill your container of choice with potting soil.
*if you have some small stones, add them first to the bottom of the container - this will provide a reservoir for water to pool and prevent the soil from becoming over saturated*

Dig a small hole in the center (about 1/2 the depth of the container).

Place the 'open' end of the clipping (where it was detached from the original plat) into the hole.

Fill in the hole with soil. As you do this GENTLY press down the soil around the plant clipping - add more soil as required.
Water enough to dampen soil (if the water pools and does not absorb then there is too much).

Find a sunny place for your new plant to grow :)
Check back daily.
Maybe rotate the plant periodically so that it gets even sun.
Keep away from cold drafty windows.

Common reason house plants usually die - over watering. Just make sure the soil stays moist.

(this how-to can be found at Cut Out & Keep)

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  1. Very useful info!

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