Friday, January 21, 2011

She needs to grow. She needs to become.

"The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off."

Gloria Steinem
American feminist/journalist/social & political activist
(Born 1934)

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KT Tunstall's Glamour Puss KollaboraTive Music Video

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Here is a great series of books called "Fancy Nancy" by author Jane O'Connor, and illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser:

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Yesterday I was reading the paper and came across an article about director
Derek Cianfrance (of "Unhappy Valentine") and I really connected with some of the things he was saying:

"In this movie, Michelle Williams takes a stand against something -- and it's her own stagnation. So I really hate it when people say she's not likable, because to me, she's the hero. She could have been more likable, I guess, if she were satisfied with just being a wife or a mother, but she needs more out of her life. She needs to grow. She needs to become. And those are heroic goals," he says.

"But for some reason, we don't respect a woman with those goals as much as a man with the same ones. We had a good time playing with those expectations and we talked about it a lot, because my wife is not like the women you see in movies, either. The women in my life were not drawn by a man; they are all their own people. That's why I love them."

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