Monday, December 13, 2010

Pimpin Plum!

B-Day Countdown: 5 DAYS!!
*woot! woot!*

One thing that I want to do for my birthday this year is add some more colour to my hair. 
Today my boyfriend bought me  Special Effects Hair Dye in "Pimpin Plum"!!!
Happy early birthday to MEEEE :D

This stuff is great!
I have yet to decide how much of my hair will be purple...think, think, think...
Under layer? Top layer? 1/2 my head? The whole thing!?! is a photo of me today with the blue... 
(with any luck I will have purple hair photos up Friday night)

I popped onto Audrey's blog today to find all sorts of fun coloured hair!!! :D

...and here is a random image I found doing a good search...
(I don't care too much for the Emo explanation, but the hair is awesome!)

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